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SE Series Insulator

  • Working temperature: -40°C~ + 140°C
  • Insert: Brass, iron
  • Material: Unsaturated Polyester Resin Glass Fiber Reinforced Molded Parts (DMC)
  • Color, inserts, material properties, threads can be customized
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Insulators can meet CE, SGS and RoHS certificates as required.
Material / material: BMC / SMC
Color / color: red (customizable)
Operating temperature / ambient temperature: 40 ℃ ~ 140 ℃
Flammability / automatic test a: v0
All dimensions are in mm
Please provide product size, screw hole size and technical parameters. Accept OEM.

型号Type 直径(0) Diameter 高度(H) Height 螺纹(M) Thread(mm)
SE30*30 30 30H M6
SE30*40 30 40H M6, M8
SE40*40 40 40H M8, M10
SE40*60 40 60H M8, M10
SE50*40 50 40H M8, M10

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