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Wind Energy

Application | Nov 25,2021

wind energy

Wind energy (wind energy) The kinetic energy generated by the flow of air. A form of conversion of solar energy. The uneven heating of various parts of the earth’s surface due to solar radiation causes the pressure distribution in the atmosphere to be unbalanced. Under the action of the horizontal pressure gradient, the air moves in the horizontal direction to form wind. The total reserves of wind energy resources are huge, and the technologically developable energy in a year is about 5.3X10^13 kWh. Wind energy is a renewable clean energy with large reserves and wide distribution, but its energy density is low (only 1/800 of water energy) and unstable. Under certain technical conditions, wind energy can be developed and utilized as an important energy source. Wind energy utilization is a comprehensive engineering technology that converts the kinetic energy of wind into mechanical energy, electrical energy, and thermal energy through wind turbines. The company’s products are used for the insulation support of power distribution cabinets.

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