How do insulators play an important role in the energy storage industry?

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How do insulators play an important role in the energy storage industry?

Blog | Newsroom | Feb 24,2023

Insulators are installed between conductors with different potentials or between conductors and grounding components and can withstand voltage and mechanical stress. Insulators are of various types and shapes.

Although the structure and shape of different types of insulators are quite different, they are composed of insulating parts and connecting fittings. Insulators are widely used in various power industries. Today we will talk about insulators in the energy storage industry.

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Why does the energy storage industry need a new insulator?

With the development of new energy, the demand for the global energy storage industry continues to increase. With the acceleration of the global energy transformation and the implementation of carbon neutrality schemes by governments of all countries, the demand for new energy storage has become increasingly strong.

New energy continued to develop, the demand for energy storage increased significantly, and policies helped the rapid development of the energy storage industry.

With China and the United States vigorously carrying out new energy distribution, the proportion of new energy in the new power generation side has been increasing, and the demand for energy storage has been increasing due to the volatility of new energy power generation.

Therefore, the requirements for insulators are also higher than before. Compared with the traditional transmission and distribution industry, the insulator requirements of the energy storage industry need to achieve higher voltage resistance and physical strength in a smaller space.

In addition, in order to respond to global carbon neutrality, environmental protection, and other undertakings, it is necessary to comply with ROSH standards.

The different types of insulators used in the energy storage industry?

To this end, our company has introduced SB insulators. SB insulator means super best insulator. With the same size, it can achieve higher voltage withstand strength and stronger torque. And the inlay can be customized to meet the ROSH standard, which is an extremely environmentally friendly product. In terms of safety, it can be flame retardant to ensure the safety of the battery.

Smaller insulator volume means that the space of energy storage products can be better used, other parts can also be compressed, the whole volume of energy storage products can be reduced, and more electric energy can be stored in a smaller volume.

Save the overall cost from another aspect.In addition, the reduction of the overall mass and volume can also reduce the impact of shaking during transportation and use.

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Role of insulators in energy storage systems

In the energy storage industry, insulators are mainly used for the circuit support inside the battery to insulate in a narrow space. There is also wire connection insulation inside the charging pile.

Insulators not only bear the weight of mechanical load conductors and metal accessories but also bear the impact load caused by improper operation during transportation and installation and the impact caused by battery shaking during use.


New insulators are important components in energy storage equipment because they help to provide a safe connection between insulators and electrical equipment. This will help prevent electrical fires and improve the overall safety of the equipment.

It is also used to protect electrical equipment from damage caused by bus vibration or movement. And it can reduce costs and improve your profits in other ways.

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