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Product selection

Blog | Newsroom | Nov 01,2021

Busbar clamp  selection

For the bus bar frame option, first confirm the specification of your own copper bar. After confirmation, confirm how many phases your bus bar frame is, how many copper bars in total, and what is the phase to phase distance between each phase copper bar and another phase copper bar. Select the type according to the size you need. The common spacing is 55, 80, 100, 110, 120, 130, 140, 150, 160, 175 and 180 (unit: mm). The number of phases includes single phase, three-phase, four phase and five phase. The copper bars that can be installed in each phase are divided into single row, double row, three row and four row.There is also the size of the mounting screw hole of the busbar clamp.

Insulator selection

The insulator type selection needs to determine the required product size, such as height, diameter and screw hole size. If you need stronger physical strength, you need to provide the mechanical strength required by the product and consult customer service for customization.

Shrink tube options

Calculate the circumference of the heat shrinkable tube, divide the circumference by π (or 3.14), and finally select the heat shrinkable tube larger than the result.

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